Park Updates

A new, bigger, better ADVENTURELAND ‘GOES WILD! ’

Adventureland, the lead indoor themed park in the UAE has gone all out as it opens a new expanded facility this 2014. Now on its 12th year in the region, Adventureland carries a re-energized jungle theme ‘GO WILD’ as it launches NEW, FIRST TIME THRILLS in the region.

One of its main attractions is the 2-level GO KARTS called SPEED KARTS, which feature race tracks for big go karts, where bigger kids may drive around on 2-levels either on their own or against other racers. Another thrill ride is the ROCKET CYCLES, an exciting rollercoaster ride on MOTORBIKES, where riders are strapped to a motorbike, while running on giant coaster loops inside the park. This will be the THIRD rollercoaster ride inside Adventureland, in addition to its existing QUANTUM LEAP rollercoaster and the elevated FAMILY TRAIN.

Among other thrills & attractions, Adventureland is also launching DROP N TWIST, an exciting ride which rotates while dropping riders from a height of at least 10 feet or so. To add to the thrills, CRAZY SWING, a swinging ride which will thrill kids and adults alike is also among the new attractions.

Overall, the new theme of Adventureland ‘Go Wild’ will prove to be an exciting standout experience for families in the region – with its jungle-themed rides & attractions, animals & creatures, greenery, tribal huts, and other related themed elements all contributing to a virtual world of energy, excitement and adventure.

Families and kids will now enjoy more than 25 major thrill rides & attractions in Adventureland, in addition to about 100 new video games, redemption machines and driving simulators. The Sports Café, the teen arcade area for bigger kids will showcase the newest, state of the art virtual driving games and video machines.

Located on the First Level of Sahara Centre, Adventureland now has 2 main entrances – one on the food court side, and another on the newly expanded mall area. Weekend events, shows and workshop activities for kids are also regular attractions for the family every week. Add to that, a new Party Hall with dining areas is also open for birthday parties and events. A new 3-level Soft Play area for smaller kids is also open with more engaging play activities and facilities.

Designed to be one of the best family entertainment destinations in the region, Adventureland promises to take families to new heights of play and fun while providing a venue for families to spend quality time together.

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